Thursday, June 08, 2006

Further response to Posting re: Video Link

This is a response to Jaafar's response on the video link circulation from a while back. The response comes from one of our members in Iraq, name withheld.

I take issue with Jaafar. It is easy to pick single instances of mis- or incomplete reporting and I am sure elements of bias exist but these are to demonstrate the overwhelming evidence that the theme is correct.FACTS
one of our suppliers was abducted from his office in Baghdad over a year ago. Eyewitness accounts (and accounts of a fellow abductee who was subsequently released) bear out methods used in the video. We were also given permission to see him – not a pretty sight I’m afraid. Since then he has vanished.
The MOI database is for sale. Terrorists pay well. Police are not paid well. So even if the MOI wanted to be straight, they cannot afford to. Many killings take place within sight of police checkpoints. Cars/passengers are “dicked” at the police checkpoints and targeted soon after.
Fear factor will turn otherwise honest men into corrupt killers. Whether or not fear comes from peer pressure through the mosque culture is another matter. I personally fear it does.

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