Monday, May 15, 2006

Response to Posting Re: Video Link

Dear all, please find below a response from Jaafar on the video link circulation.

See below:

Dear all,

While I agree that many in the ministry of interior are not angels, and they abuse their positions I believe that this piece is mere propaganda, and neither responsible nor objective to say that 'sadly reflect the position of the Ministry of the Interior'.

Last week Hala Jaber wrote an article in Sunday Times about Atwar Bahjat, the Iraqi Journalist killed in Samura after bombing the shrine there, and some agencies and web sites republished parts of it (Attached) in a different way Hala presented. Because I was curious that time to know about the circumstances she was killed I got informations on that area where the insurgents were active, and almost sure that they were behind her murder. Yet some webs cocluded form Hala Jaber's article what suits them by twisting the facts (i.e lying).

We must be careful not to fall into such mistakes


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