Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Iraq raid on Church an attempt to undermine government formation

The raid by a group of fanatics on the Baghdad Catholic church was conducted by non-Iraqis thought to be of Saudi extraction according to NCF sources in Iraq. Our sources feel that this is part of a push to de-rail moves at government formation by using violence to undermine Malaki's authority.

Current status of negotiations are centred on a deal whereby Allawi would get one of his people as speaker of the parliament plus the position of chair of the special "National Strategic Committtee" that the USA is lobbying hard to promote. This with a Malaki Premiership.

Interesting. For an alternative view condemning the raids from a different angle see this from Potkin.

Ribal Al-Assad Condemns Iranian regime's interference in Iraq and the despicable hostage taking of Christians in Iraq by criminals pretending to be Muslims

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