Friday, November 19, 2010

Christians are being targetted in Iraq

On Weds 3rd Nov 2010 Rebecca Santana wrote that after gunmen had held a Christian congrenation hostage in a seige in which 58 people died, the attacks seemed to concetrate on the Shiite population, the most deadly blast happened near a market in Sadr City.

Pope Benedict said of Iraq "Violence hasn't stopped in this country Christians are bcoming the target of these cruel events"

On the wider stage, Sir David Richards is roported as saying that Victory over al-Qa'ida is not possile, as the conception is just it's an idea! There are so many parallels. This takes me back to the lady who has this deam of her ladies football team in Kabul and the horror of the Taliban gaining power!

There seems to be "a religious excuse for barbarity", either you say "God told you so".
Perhaps it is time for us all to rethink our approach to religion. Personally I am even bothered about how we kill our meat in the UK We had a farm once in the Swansea Valley. If any one has been to an Abbatoir the animals know what is coming. If you are Muslim you call it "Halal" if Jewish "Kosher" but to say the animal doesn't suffer doesn't know much about animals!!

We are all mixed up about religion and have lost touch with the original inspiration from God to love one another. That is the reason that Christians, Jews and Muslims are tormenting women, gays and all those who are from what some people think who canot put up a good fight with the others being physically stronger. These make an Excuse for "The Men of God" beware as Edmund Burke said "That no man made a greater mistake, that he who did nothing, as he could only do a little."

There is a lot to do in Iraq and in nieghbouring Afghanistan to bring peace to this region and there are many people working to do so let us hope it is going to be in time before too many lives are lost from so many nations.

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