Monday, May 25, 2009

The Kurds sell out Kirkuk?

The question was always whether the Kurdish Regional Government would go for an "oil for soil" deal whereby they gave up the independant exploitation of their oil resources for an agreement that would allow the absorption of Kirkuk and other "disputed territories" into the KRG.

The vibes we get are that there will be no elections in Kirkuk this year and there will be no referendum on the status of Kirkuk over the next decade. So where are the thirty pieces of silver? Here they are:

Last week the tug-of war between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government in Baghdad took a major twist when after years of heated tit-for-tat exchanges Baghdad finally agreed to allow Kurdish oil exports through the national pipeline and into international markets.

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Wladimir van Wilgenburg said...

That was the idea of Joost Hilterman indeed, but I doubt the KRG is really doing it's best now for Kirkuk. Could be they already 'sold it'.