Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Iraq's forgotten people: Refugees and IDPs

Iraq has forgotten about its 3.6 million refugees and Internally Displaced People

In Iraq, one of the best indicators of security and stability is the extent/degree to which displaced citizens return to their original homes.

Iraq still has major social issue that hinder its attempts to strengthen its security and to stabilize its social structure. The issue of almost 3.6 million Iraq (refugees + IDPs) in Syria and Jordan have yet to be resolved. Estimates of 75% of Iraq’s refugees are from Baghdad.

This is placing a huge pressure on the Iraq’s neighbouring countries which are already struggling with a weak economy and high levels of unemployment within their own populations. It has been reported that only 18% of Iraq’s IDP have returned to their homes and only 1% of Iraqi refugees from Syria and Jordan have resettled. This is not the mass refugee return that is meant to signify Iraq’s attempt to normalise itself, further straining Iraq’s fragile political relations and position in the Middle East.

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