Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NCF delegation for Iraq

The NCF sends a delegation to Iraq today:

To provide an objective appraisal of the electoral issues in Iraq in anticipation of the forthcoming provincial local elections.
• Assessing the KRG position towards the current political configuration in Iraq and the effect the tension between the Kurds and the central government will have on the local elections.• Evaluating the extent to which the sectarian and ethnic affiliations will dominate the elections. • Assessing the political situation in Southern Iraq and the effects the developments since 2005 will have on the January local elections.
The delegation will travel to Arbil from London by air. Delegates will then travel up to Dohuk and from there to Sinjar and the Ninevah Plain, travelling back to Arbil for meetings with regional officials including prominent members of the Kurdistan Regional Government. The delegates will then proceed from Arbil to Baghdad - Najaf- Nasiriyah - Karbala returning via Amman to London.


Larry said...


Wishing your trip the best possible success. May the roads be clear, the people open, the truth revealed and your homecoming safe.


rabbi said...

love allah