Thursday, October 23, 2008

"The Shame of Mosul"

Stafford sends this note from Kurdistan:

The regime of Saddam Hussein destroyed - flattened - hundreds of communities throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq - more than 4,000. Christian communities were destroyed along with non-Christian communities. Both churches and mosques were destroyed. Tens of thousands of families were forced to migrate from their homes.

Since the 1991 war dozens of Christians communities have been reconstructed and resettled. And since the 2003 war began, many Christian communities in the Kurdistan Region have been additionally supported with houses, churches and church halls, roads, electricity generators, water systems, libraries, and Internet centers. These Christian communities exist very peacefully in the midst of non-Christian communities, even in remote rural areas.

Because of violence against Christians elsewhere in the country, thousands of Christian families have fled to areas where the Kurdistan Region's security services exist. These services have been extended to Arabs, Turkmens, Christians, Shabaks, and of course Kurds including Yezidi Kurds. A major seminary is being moved from an area where the threat of violence prevails and is under construction in the Kurdistan Region.

Recently, apparently, a concerted campaign is being waged in Mosul against Christians. A member of the Council of Representatives has mischievously cited the Kurdistan Region's security services as being involved. Mosul is not under the control of the Kurdistan Region's security forces. This malicious propaganda has regrettably found its way into the less-informed, but usually more reputable, international media.

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