Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Latest IEAT election report

Election law
· On 24 September the Iraqi parliament unanimously passed the electoral law which will govern governorate council elections, which must be approved by the Presidency Council before it passes into law. The election law includes a provision postponing elections in Kirkuk, pending establishment of a committee that is mandated to determine preconditions for the elections in Kirkuk and to report to the Council of Representatives with their findings by 31 March 2009. Note that governorate council elections in Kirkuk and in the three governorates forming the Kurdistan Regional Government are set to take place later in 2009.
· The law provides for an open list system of voting, which will give Iraqis greater choice in who will represent them, and mandates that at least 25% of elected representatives shall be women. Note the election law does not contain a provision on the date the governorate council elections will be held however the IHEC is proceeding with technical preparations needed to meet the target date to hold elections on 31 January 2009.

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