Friday, January 04, 2008

No end to the suffering?

How different perspectives can be. Zaki travelled with me - as he always does if he needs to get into the interior of Iraq - and he saw things as bad whereas I saw them as phenomenally better - better than they have been in years.

Any Iraqis who had dared believe that security was returning to their troubled country had their illusions shattered when, on 23 November, an explosion at al-Ghazl pet market in central Baghdad claimed the lives of 15 Iraqis and injured about 60 more.
Four members of a Shia cell were arrested by Iraqi and US forces and admitted that they had carried out the attack, planting the bombs in crates to blend innocently with those of traders selling chickens, pigeons and sheep for household use. They claimed under interrogation that they had hoped local people would assume al-Qaeda had targeted the market - as it has many times in the past - and turn to the Shia militias for protection.

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