Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam Backlash

Chris Doyle of Caabu just sent this note:

Following the execution of Saddam Hussein, Sunnis fear for their safety upon returning from Hajj. There are reports that some Sunnis are praising the former President as a "shaheed" or martyr, and there are fears of Sunni backlash with demonstrations in the arab world and further afield, "accompanied by condemnation in the Arab press". The Iraqi government rushed through the process and is being blamed for inciting religious hatred (Telegraph) - the hanging being described variously around the Arab press as a purely political act', an act of sectarian revenge by the Shia majority.

Outrage mounts over 'lynch mob' hanging, Neil Tweedie
The execution of Saddam Hussein - widely condemned yesterday as more an exercise in lynch law than judicial punishment - was rushed through by the Iraqi government despite American requests for a delay."

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