Thursday, January 04, 2007

Co-defendents' hanging

William posts this item and comments: "So sad to see Iraq bow to Anglo-American pressure and implement these executions. Iraq was the only Arab country in the world (post liberation) to have outlawed executions. The Pentagon forced Bremer to reintroduce the measure. However, the new government, with Talabani as President, had a law that executions had to be approved by the President and Talabani was anti-death penalty. But the Anglo-American blood lust was unabated, and they forced the Iraq government to bypass its own constitution and let the Premier sign the death warrants. Then the blood letting started and the Brits and Americans weep crocodile tears about the nature of the lynchings. All in all rather pathetic."

Reuters - 04 January, 2007
Iraq has not set a date for executing Saddam Hussein's two co-defendants, an official said on Thursday, as the government tried to dampen disgust over a video of Saddam's hanging that has angered Sunni Arabs.

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