Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Iraq Conflict Update: 22 July, 2014

In Iraq pressure remains high for the political authorities to form a unity government. General developments in Iraq indicate a stalemate with IS showing both its depth of resources and its limited ability to hold on to further military gains. The failed joint assault by the ISF and Shiite militias on Tikrit underscores their inability to defeat the insurgents.

Salah ad-Din Province
Renewed fighting erupted around the university buildings in Tikrit. IS insurgents were forced to withdraw from Contingency Operating Base Speicher by ISF.

In Al-Dhuluiya clashes continue between IS insurgents and ISF, which are being supported by local tribesmen and air support from the Iraqi Airforce.

The NGO ShiaRightsWatch published a report on the lack of access to water and food in Tuz Khormotu. For more information, click here.

Anbar Province
In Anbar the ISF continues attacks on the northern outskirts of Fallujah. Clashes in Ramadi are ongoing.

Kirkuk Province
IS insurgent attacks on Peshmerga positions at Tal Al-Warid and Mala Abdulla.

Diyala Province
Following shelling and airstrikes targeting their positions, IS has withdrawn from the Al-Adhim area of northern Diyala. Clashes broke out between Peshmerga and insurgents south of Jalawla.

Fighting in Al-Hawuraniya, north of Al-Muqdadiya.

Ninevah Province
Mosul’s Christians are increasingly being targeted by IS who force them to convert and pay taxes as a condition for not being expelled from the city.

An airstrike took place.

The Turkish Consulate building is function as an HQ for IS.

IS withdrew some of its forces from  East Mosul a week ago. IS’s main fighting strength was needed in areas south of Tikrit to fight the IA.

Naqshbandi tribes (loyal to the insurgency) are taking down IS flags and replacing them with their own.

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