Monday, November 18, 2013

Bombings claim 21 lives in Baghdad's suburbs

Sunni on Shiite violence - in response to Shiite on Sunni violence - engenders more Sunni on Shiite violence. Brutal tit for tat killings are taking place on an ongoing basis in Iraq. What evil men are funding and supporting this? To what end? How will they ever face God? 

Kuwait News Agency - 18 November, 2013
Up to 21 Iraqis died and 65 others were wounded in a wave of blasts in Baghdad and several surrounding regions of the capital on Sunday, security sources said.

The sources said cars packed with explosives blew up in Al-Radwaniah, Al-Husainiah, Al-Sadr City, New Baghdad, Al-Ghadir district, Maysaloun square, Al-Dora and Al-Karradeh neighborhoods.


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