Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Iraq's elections

The following is an edited version of the latest UN report on Iraq's elections:

 On 20 June, governorate council elections took place in Anbar and Ninewa. Voter turnout reached 50% in Anbar and 38% in Ninewa, with figures likely to increase further once special voting data is incorporated.

 On 19 June, the Kurdistan Regional Parliament passed amendments adopting the semi-open list voting for the region’s parliamentary elections and removing the provision on both the parliamentary electoral law and the governorate council electoral law requiring that each component candidate be elected by voters from the same component.

 On 23 June, the Legal Committee of the Council of Representatives also forwarded to the Presidency the proposed law for holding the governorate council elections in Kirkuk.

For further information please consult IHEC and UNAMI websites: www.ihec.iq  www.unami.unmissions.org

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