Thursday, July 12, 2012

Justice for Iraqi Kurds



Join us in our call to the British Government to recognise the mass murder of Kurdish people in Iraq as an act of genocide.

Sign the petition here: or scan the QR code above on your phone to sign the petition.
British MP Nadhim Zahawi has launched a petition to encourage the British Government to recognize
the genocide of Iraqi Kurds prior to and during Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. The petition requires
100,000 signatures from the public to trigger a debate in Parliament and we would be very grateful for your support. 
Please sign the petition and spread the word.
What happened during the genocide?

From the 1960s until the late 1980s, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Kurds were slaughtered. They were gassed with chemical weapons, shot, starved, ‘disappeared’, imprisoned and executed.
There are an estimated 270 mass graves in Iraq containing between 10 and 10,000 bodies in each grave. An estimated 180,000 Kurdish people were killed between 1987 and 1988 alone during
Saddam Hussein's genocidal campaign called Anfal. During the genocide campaign, 90% of Kurdish villages and more than 20 small towns and cities were completely destroyed during the campaign to wipe out the Kurdish population in Iraq.

Before this issue can be debated in the House of Commons there is a need for a 100,000 signatures to the petition. This is, of course, outrageous, as the British Government and forces fought so hard to free Iraq from the tyranny and offered the Kurds air cover to try and stop the massacres. So if we knew about it, why are we making a debate on this so difficult? 

 If we do not set the bar high for such recent atrocities, we will never set an example to Syria on their own disgraceful behaviour. 

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