Sunday, March 06, 2011

Extraordinary News from Baghdad

Dear Friends, sorry for sending this news
Today, and with a great astonishment, we have received military orders from the Prime Minister office, through the military operations command in Baghdad; to shut the Iraqi nation parties headquarter in Baghdad, within 24 hours.
The Iraqi nation party, the Liberal democratic party, we dare the Iraqi government to direct any accusation against us.
We are not a corrupted party. We do not work by commands from Iran and others. Our votes are clean and based on elections. We do not steal from the Iraqi public. We do not use the country affairs for our own advantages. We support the values of democracy. We keep supporting peoples’ right to demonstrate.
Closing down our office will not stop our support to the protests and the protestors, and the protestors’ requests.
all the best,
Mithal alalusi

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Anonymous said...

By all respect to the writer, I don't think that shutting down these headquarters has to do with the Iraqi Nation Party nor the Iraqi Communist party and the fact that they supported the demonstrations. The reason behind shutting them down has to do with the fact that they use governmental buildings as headquarters since 2003-2004. They have been notified that they should leave these places and find new headquarters like the many parties in Iraq who have their own premises.