Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maliki: Prime Minister in All But Name

NCF sources are now indicating that Nouri Al Maliki has been accepted as the Prime Minister-to-be by all of the four main blocks in the Iraqi government. It is now apparent that rather than rushing to announce the name of the Prime Minister the four main parties; the State of Law coalition, the INA, the Al-Iraqiya list and the Kurdish block, have tacitly accepted that Maliki will be Prime Minister.

The next move and the reason that the announcement has been delayed so long is that there is now much manoeuvring between the other parties to try and gain the most influence in a Maliki government. It appears that there are three possible options for government:
  • A coalition between the INA and Maliki with support from the Kurds
  • A coalition between Allawi (head of the Al-Iraqiya list) and Malaki with support from the Kurds
  • A Government of National Unity where all four parties play a role.
Until two or more of these parties come to an agreement it is unlikely that Maliki or any of other the Ministries will be announced. For now though the interim government, despite the concern voiced by America, is functioning well on an ad hoc basis.

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