Thursday, August 05, 2010

The UN at it again

The United Nations is interfering in Iraq yet again. When will they learn to shut up. Iraq has a long history of UN created pain. Now the UN is trying to dictate the agenda on government formation, following, as almost always, the American lead. It is impossible to expect a final new government in Iraq before Eid. Especially with the USA being so keen on a government of national unity including Allawi. Best current bet is Allawi Foreign Minister and Malaki PM with Kurdish support and Hakim and the Sadderists as opposition. It is difficult for the Sadderists to accept Malaki as premier which is why an all shiite governing coalition is now unlikely.

UN urges Iraq to quickly form new government - Arab News - 05 August, 2010:
The UN Security Council is strongly urging Iraqi politicians to quickly agree on a new government, a call backed by the top United Nations envoy who warns that the country has reached "a critical juncture."

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