Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maliki won't step aside

Malaki sure is keen to hold onto power. The Sadderists aren't too happy though. Which makes things difficult. No government yet a while I guess.

Gulf Times - 30 May, 2010
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said yesterday his party would not compromise on its choice of government leader, resisting pressure from potential coalition partners for him to step aside.

The ratification of the election results is yet to come to a close. Two new appeals submitted to the EJP by the State of Law Coalition challenge the list of winners for Diyala and Basrah
governorates. The State of Law requests the deduction of votes from the total party votes from the two disqualified Dyiala governorate Iraqia winners, and a disqualification of an INA winner in Basrah, claiming that the winner is currently employed in the Ministry of Defence. According to IHEC’s amended Seat Allocation Regulation, votes of disqualified winners are to remain within the total party votes. Any possible impact on the finalization of the winners’ list by the appeals
submitted to the Election Judicial Panel remains under review.

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