Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More trouble for Iraq's elections

Iraq's Kurdish region is trying to mess up the elections. They don't want to face the fact that the established parties (PUK/KDP) are likely to do less well than before. So they use a credible delaying tactic for less than credible reasons - complaining about their allocation of seats. Stafford writes:

The updated table below corrects the total number of seats which is based on one seat per 100,000 population for a highly questionable total population of 32,300,000.

Given obvious migrations into the Kurdistan Region since 2003 by returnees and those fleeing violence from other parts of the country since 2005, it is difficult to accept that such population increases are not reflected in a higher number of seats. Governorate (provincial) population increases in the total (unrealistic) figure of 32.3 million are questionably allocated largely among governorates outside the Region.

The last official figures with some semblance of official international certification were governorate figures listed in the December 2002 Distribution Plan for the UN-managed oil-for-food program. For certain parts of the country, however, these figure were estimated to have been inflated by as much as 3 million.

To view the Iraq Parliament Seat Allocations Click here


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