Monday, July 06, 2009

American Troops Withdraw

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the 'withdrawal' of American troops from Iraq. 
On the one hand Prime Minister Maliki delivers a proud speech rejoicing Iraq's sovereignty to his nation followed by street celebrations. However many Iraqis are not satisfied with the extent of the withdrawal, citing that 130,000 troops remain less than 30mins from the major cities. Similarly there is worry that Iraq's security forces are not yet ready to deal with the ever constant threat of sectarian violence by themselves and that withdrawal is simply a measure taken by Obama to placate the American public.  The bombings that occurred on the day of withdrawal seem to have undermined the Prime Ministers words about Iraq's capability to deal with sectarian violence and also stir up wariness among the Iraqi people as to whether this withdrawal is really a cause for celebration.

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William said...

Yes, there was also supposed to be a referendum on the "Status of the Forces" agreement negotiated by the Americans. That seems to have been forgotton.