Thursday, May 21, 2009

New York Times gets it wrong

This is a classic example of disinformation and / or poor reporting. For a start Bashika is on the plain - not in the mountains. The Hatba group led by Najaifi is a Baathist group, responsible for many dark deeds. On the other hand, the much persecuted Kurdish Yezidis and Christians of Basheika are predominantly Baathist in private but pro-Kurdish Regional Government in public - all of which makes this a complex tale. The Yezidis are pro-Baathist but anti-Islamist (they get persecuted by the Islamists). Yet the Baathists and Islamists are allied in Mosul. Confused? Well understandably. Now look at the kind of bull they write in the papers. I wish journalists would actually go to Iraq if they intend to write about Iraq. This guy has never even visited Basheika.

Tensions Stoked Between Iraqi Kurds and Sunnis

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