Monday, March 23, 2009

Kurds Historic Elections Day: 19/05/2009

His Excellency Adnan Mufti President of the Kudish National Assembly KNA, supervised a meeting with the head, deputy and members of the legal committee in the KNA.

During this meeting they discussed the results of the meetings between the committee and the Independent High Electoral Commission, which were held on March 3rd, regarding the ways of carrying out the elections.

“Holding parliamentary elections in Kurdistan on 19/5/2009 is a historic day; this was the date that the first parliamentary elections were conducted in Kurdistan region.”

KNA’s President emphasized the necessity of carrying out the elections on that date; he also emphasized “the necessity of the participation of the Kurdish refugees, who live outside the region, in the coming parliamentary elections.”

Mr. President asked the committee to take all the necessary preparations for carrying out the first recitation of the project of electoral law amendment and discuss it in a parliamentary session to approve it as soon as possible.

It is believed that the Electoral Commission has asked for 3 months to make the necessary preparations for the elections. This could affect the planned date as well as waiting for the federal government to provide a budget for elections as the election would be commissioned by the Iraqi High Commission.

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