Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kurdistan leader rules out major clashes in Baghdad

Stafford Clarry sends this item with the comment, "The following article offers clarifications on many important issues pertaining to Iraqi Kurdistan - within Iraq and with Turkey":

By Ahmad Al-Khaled, Staff writer
KUWAIT: Kurdish Regional Government [Kurdistan Region] President Masoud Barzani yesterday addressed the question of Kurdish independence saying, "As long as Iraq is abiding by the current constitution, we are bound by a united Iraq." "We are a major and important part of the government of Iraq and we are not in opposition. It is natural to have differences of opinion but on the core national and strategic issues, we are part of the state and have an understanding with the federal government," said Barzani of the sometimes at odds Kurdistan capital of Erbil and the federal capital Baghdad. "We will send a delegation to Baghdad to resolve the technical problems which have marred the relationship of late. We hope to reach a solution," he said at Kuwait's Bayan Palace yesterday.The problems are not grave. If they cannot be resolved, we have to search for other solutions. But all of them will be in the interests of Iraq," he added.


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