Sunday, October 28, 2007

NCF Iraq circulation

This is our Jane's Iraq circulation today:

This week the news from Iraq is dominated by the Turkish threats to invade northern Iraq, in their fight with the PKK. A Daily Telegraph editorial argues, however, that the PKK may find that their Iraqi cousins are unsupportive and uninterested in their struggle. Across the board, is the belief that the Turkish military are not only threatening to invade Iraqi Kurdistan, but have actually already moved across the border.
Meanwhile, other countires in the Middle East are becoming increasingly jittery at the unstable situation in Iraq, and there have been calls to support the weak Iraqi government, to avoid security fallout elsewhere.

Gulf security chiefs warn of regional risks
Agence France Presse

Security chiefs of the pro-Western Gulf Arab states kicked off a meeting in Kuwait on Monday by warning of the risks of fallout from regional events especially in Iraq.

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Iraq's neighbours pledge to help fight insurgency
Agence France Presse

Interior ministers of countries neighbouring Iraq said Tuesday that failing to fully support the war-ravaged nation would strengthen militant groups intent on destabilising the region.

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Turkish anger at Europe over PKK

Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticised EU nations for not doing more to tackle activists from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). He said EU nations were not arresting or extraditing PKK members.

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Why Iraqi Kurds could oppose Turkish kin
Daily Telegraph

Jalal Talabani is a large man who moves very slowly, but it would be a mistake to think him clumsy. There has always been something calculating about the Kurdish rebel leader who rose to the presidency of Iraq, so no one should be surprised if the current problems on Iraq's border with Turkey are exploited as a stepping stone to his ultimate goal — an independent Kurdistan.

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Turkish troops already inside Iraq
Daily Telegraph

World leaders may have spent all week urging restraint — but the reality is that Turkish troops are already well inside Iraq.
The Daily Telegraph yesterday witnessed Turkey's military presence, including tanks, 12 miles inside Kurdish northern Iraq.
The patrol, however, was not the advanced guard of an invasion. The Turkish army has been deployed here for more than 10 years, manning four large bases built on hilltops with commanding views.

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