Saturday, October 13, 2007

‘Mercenary Is a Slanderous Term’

The founder of Blackwater defends himself—and his company.

A Newsweek Exclusive
By Mark Hosenball

Oct. 12, 2007 - Erik Prince made it clear he doesn’t like talking to the press. But the Blackwater founder also tells NEWSWEEK’s Mark Hosenball he doesn’t want “what we do” to be “completely misrepresented.” So he spoke—about himself and his controversial company—in an at-times prickly hourlong interview in his offices in northern Virginia.
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William said...

These people are terrorists. Anyone who has been driven off the road by them knows how frightening they are. Their random acts of violence do more to promote the insurgency than any US Army soldier. Not just Blackwater. The foreign security firms in general with one or mtwo very rare exceptions. They must all be thrown out of Iraq.