Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Fog of War in Northern Iraq

Stafford writes: Ahhhhh, finally, a recognized journalist is calling attention to reporting deficiencies in the mainstream media. The press has indeed been negligent (frankly, lazy) in accepting Turkish reports of PKK numbers and cross-border operations as facts without corroboration or independent verification.

Excerpt: "It's a delicate situation, and one that requires a clear-eyed view of what's actually happening. But both American press coverage, and America's official response to the problem have been misleading."

Excerpt: "I keep seeing things written about the PKK staging "cross-border raids" and I myself once made that mistake, writing back in June. But in fact most of the fighting that is taking place is well inside Turkey. There are PKK guerillas scattered all over Turkey, perhaps twice as many as there are inside Iraq. And although the most recent attack on Sunday did take place in the border area near Iraq, that doesn't necessarily mean these fighters were coming from Iraq."


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