Tuesday, April 17, 2007

UN Highlights Iraq Refugee Crisis

As the conflict in Iraq continues, 1,000s of Iraqis are forced to flee, either to neighbouring countries or destinations further afield. This has placed an enormous strain on countries such as Jordan and Syria, who are threatening to close their borders to the Iraqis. Furthermore, countries such as Britain admit very few Iraqi applications for asylum, despite their role in instigating the conflict. These problems are also mirrored within Iraq - many Iraqis are forced to take shelter with friends and relatives, or have founds homes in the slums that are springing up in Kirkuk as they are moved from pillar to post by the wrangles over Kirkuk's identity.


The UN is holding a major conference to highlight the Iraqi refugee crisis, which it says has been largely ignored by the international community.

The UN refugee agency estimates 50,000 people are fleeing the violence in Iraq each month and that up to four million Iraqis are now living away from home. Most refugees go to neighbouring Syria and Jordan, which have together accepted about two million refugees.

Officials from more than 60 countries are attending the meeting in Geneva. The UNHCR says many of the refugees live in acute poverty with little access to health and education.

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William said...

A terrible mess. There are so many internal refugees as well. The Christians are being grossly persecuted everywhere but in Kurdistan. So too the Palestinians in Baghdad. So too the Yezidis. All minorities are in misery. I never knew Iraqis were so prejudiced. What has happened to the people that they behave so despicably? Well, what has happened is us of course - the liberation.