Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Other Iraq

We keep telling people that Kurdistan is safer than London or New York but they don't believe us. Stafford sent this item from a more independent source:

Stafford writes, "A few inaccuracies, but otherwise a good article. The overall theme and thrust is correct. The Kurdistan Region is the one part of Iraq where personal security and political stability prevail. With an area about the size of Switzerland (about twice New Jersey or Massachusetts) and a population about the same as New Zealand’s, anyone – visitor and citizen alike – can move anywhere at anytime throughout the Kurdistan Region, alone without guards. This is the fact of Iraqi Kurdistan. This is not new; it has been the fact for years before hostilities began in 2003."

A Holiday in Sunny Kurdistan: By Ryan Grim
There's sun, there's sand and there's adventure. So why not plan your next vacation in beautiful Iraq? OK. We know what you're thinking: The rented minivan might get blown to pieces by an insurgent-placed IED or shot up by nervous soldiers at a checkpoint.

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