Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Escape from Iraq

This compilation came in from Tharoor's M11 group today:

British prime minister Tony Blair announced a time-table for the withdrawal of over 2,000 of its troops from southern Iraq. 1,600 soldiers will be taken out of the country in the following months, with a further 500 to be withdrawn by the end of the summer.
Joining the northern European escape are the Danes, who will remove all their 450 troops in Iraq by the end of the summer.
The Polimom blog sees America's perceived isolation in Iraq turning real.

Entering Iraq? Leading Turkish officials maintain that they have the right to cross the border into Iraq if local authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan refuse to deal with suspected terrorists affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Turkey has long resented the Iraqi Kurds' reluctance and the US' inability to root out PKK terrorists who take refuge across the border in Iraq.
Get a Kurdish perspective on Turkey's potential intervention at the Rasti blog.

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