Thursday, December 14, 2006

Prince Turki

Chris Doyle of Caabu submits items from the Western Press suggesting that Prince Turki's resignation is linked to Iraq issues. William (who knows Prince Turki well) says categorically that these reports are false. This was an internal "organisational" squabble that frustrated the Prince until he submitted his resignation.

Caabu writes: Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States has returned to Saudi Arabia after his post was not renewed by King Abdullah. There were reports that a month ago King Abdullah told Vice President Cheney that his kingdom would arm Sunni insurgents against the Shia militias in response to American withdrawal from Iraq. Saudi officials and the White House have denied these reports. (Telegraph, Guardian, Times)

"Saudi Arabia would respond to an American withdrawal from Iraq byfunding and arming Sunni insurgents to prevent them being massacred byShia militias, the kingdom has told the White House."

"King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned the US vice-president, DickCheney, that the kingdom would provide money and arms to Sunni militiasin Iraq if America withdrew its troops from the country, it emerged yesterday."

"Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States has returned to Riyadhafter resigning abruptly because his posting was not renewed by KingAbdullah."

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